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What Does It Take to Be an Elevator Technician in Toronto?
What Does It Take to Be an Elevator Technician in Toronto?
October 20, 2016

A typical day of an elevator technician in Toronto revolves around designing, building, installing, repairing, modernizing, and maintaining elevators. Being an elevator technician can be challenging, and equally rewarding depending on one’s interests, past experiences, and the ability to articulately cope with challenges. Elevator technicians are responsible for ensuring compliance with various safety standards as listed in the Canadian Occupational Safety regulations. In the scope of elevator technicians in Toronto, there are three areas of specialty depending on one’s training and interest: maintenance technicians, servicing technicians, and modernization technicians.

The training of a licensed elevator technician in Toronto can start soon after completing high school. At the entry phase, the trainee technician seeks apprenticeship with trade schools and colleges offering elevator mechanic training. On completing the first apprenticeship, the trainee is obliged to join a four-year apprenticeship program with an established firm before taking a 720-hour theoretical training to bridge any existing knowledge gaps.

Successful completion of the apprenticeship and theory classes are culminated by sitting for an exam administered by the Canadian Elevator Technician Education Program (CEIEP). Only successful students who cover the apprenticeship, theory classes, and sit the exam are awarded with the designation of elevator journeyman or mechanic.

The demanding career of an elevator technician in Toronto comes with hefty challenges and sacrifices to make. From the training to the field, the processes involve demanding responsibilities that require continuous replenishing of one’s skills. The elevator technician field is highly dynamic as elevator advancements continue to evolve in line with changes in technology.

Our discerning clientele deserve to get elevator maintenance, repair, and installation services from a team of licensed elevator technicians and other related professionals who are only a call away. We strive to provide the best elevator services that come with a warranty against technical breakdowns round the clock. At Trident Elevator Company Limited, we deploy only certified elevator mechanics and technicians for the job. As an assurance of the best results, our technicians are committed to delivering exceptional services around the clock. 

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