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Elevator Service Toronto – The Ins and Outs of Elevator Traffic
Elevator Service Toronto – The Ins and Outs of Elevator Traffic
October 05, 2016

When searching for elevator service in Toronto, look for a company that is able to professionally install, maintain, and consult on all your elevator needs. The amount of elevators that a building requires can at times be uncertain. Here are some useful guidelines for a successful installation. The total number of elevators to be placed in a building is determined by the design of the structure, usable areas in every floor, height of every floor, as well as the number of floors. The elevator system needed is estimated or calculated based on the following:

  • Waiting time of the passengers waiting for the elevator.
  • Population that has to be served.

Factors to Consider when Determining How Many Elevators the Building Will Have

Reliable providers of elevator service in Toronto make use of the above premises when planning out their installation for a particular building. The service provider identifies the total number of passengers that the elevators are planned for. When figuring out the total number of persons who will be using the elevator, it becomes a delicate business. First, one needs to compute the total number of people entering or exiting the building. Next, you have to consider that not all of these people will go to similar floors simultaneously. For example, commercial structures such as office buildings can have numerous offices or departments at various floors. The number of individuals that occupies every floor in the building would not be the same. And to add more complexity, various individuals or groups have differing office hours. The population in every office will also depend on the office type. For example, call centers will typically have a large working population while corporate floors will be thinly populated.

Once the traffic your elevator system will experience has been identified, your service provider will take into account peak periods of use. Offices will mostly have peak traffic during the morning from the main lobby and in between floors, then again on lunch breaks, and downward traffic at the workday’s end. In apartments however, this may be entirely different. Hence, it is where in depth analysis of traffic comes in, to figure out the peak travel numbers in between different floors at different rates, times, and the extent of peak travel time. Traffic analysis will also take into consideration the dispersal of people with all the other means of transportation like escalators and stairs. With this information, your provider of elevator service in Toronto can begin the process of installation.  

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