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Trends that Transform Buildings into Smarter Places
Trends that Transform Buildings into Smarter Places
May 25, 2018

Ubiquitous connectivity through smartphones and laptops drives new expectations from occupants. That is why property owners and managers are investing in innovative technologies that can transform their buildings into smarter and intelligent places. One particularly important area is the utilities and mobility within the building, particularly when it comes to comfortable, dependable and modern elevators. Relying on a certified and experienced elevator technician in Toronto is key.


An elevator technician in Toronto can not only repair and maintain existing installations, but advice and perform upgrades to modernize any elevator.


The other key areas of investment for a sustainable, safe and energy efficient building include more efficient systems for lighting, metering, CCTV and wireless systems.


Some of the latest technologies and strategies out in the market are the advanced software tools, network connected lighting, and smart upgrades for transportation systems. At Trident, we can help with lift system modernization that brings amazing benefits to tenants and building owners alike in comfort, savings and efficiency.


A sophisticated lighting network offers improved tenant experience and extra operational efficiency of the entire building. LED lights which can be set according to preference, color temperature system that can match human cycles, and override systems improve productivity in the building space. To top these all up, an elevator system that is equipped with new technologies such as microprocessor logic, infrared door detectors, variable frequency drives, and artificial intelligence dispatching will increase the value and aesthetics of any building. An elevator technician in Toronto knows how each of these upgrades and new installations can best be installed and maintained.


At Trident Elevator, we specialize elevator modernization, upgrades repairs and maintenance in Toronto and the GTA. We have upgraded all sorts of elevator systems with our sophisticated technology, no project is too small or big for us. Every elevator technician in our Toronto services can deal with all speeds, machines, controller upgrades, from the simplest cab interior and fixture design to the most complex, all according to all building code requirements.


Contact us today to learn more or to request an expert elevator technician in Toronto.

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