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Elevator Modernization in Toronto Yields A Better Experience and Cost-Savings
Elevator Modernization in Toronto Yields A Better Experience and Cost-Savings
May 09, 2018

Elevator modernization in Toronto has huge potential for bettering residential and commercial environments. The city is replete with tower blocks, small- and mid-rise buildings, skyscrapers – and the portfolio of multi-floored and high-rise buildings is all set to continue on its steeply upward journey.


The biggest reason to opt for elevator modernization in Toronto is the tremendous energy saving that will accrue.


However, elevator maintenance in Toronto has often not received the kind of priority as it should, leading to frequent complaints. But times are a changing and elevator modernization in Toronto has started to gain steam. Condominium managers and even associations overlooking buildings with not many more than four or five floors are starting to invest in elevator modernization programs in Toronto.


For elevator users the changes may not always be visible, but upgrades to safety systems, speed and elevator logic are beneficial for all. In this blog we look at some developments that will increase convenience, add aesthetic value and simply make your elevator journey safer.



Safety is the paramount when talking elevator modernization in Toronto. Different manufacturers have different safety specifications, however they all should meet the standards set by national and provincial authorities. Modern safety systems include multiple redundant systems, options for an emergency battery to lower the car in the event of power loss, and multiple systems to ensure doors don’t close when obstructions are in the way.


Custom design

It isn’t till you start to notice it, but elevator design can very often be in dramatic contrast to the colors and finishes of your building. That is a function of elevators being offered in only uniform configurations and with little or no customization options. Elevator modernization in Toronto carried out today will give even smaller building managers options to customize their elevators to match or accentuate the existing décor.


Service plans

Elevators face a lot of wear and tear and must be serviced regularly by a skilled team. Elevator modernization in Toronto has meant that many building managers are choosing to enter into annual maintenance contracts with service providers. This is a marked shift in philosophy from waiting for the elevator to be “Out of Order” before calling the repairman, to having regular tune-ups of the system to ensure it keeps running smoothly.


Energy efficiency

Modern elevator systems use substantially less electricity – even compared to elevators that were installed 15 or 20 years ago. In fact, energy-savings aside, modern elevator equipment is far more reliable simply for the technological improvements that have taken place. Motor generators are far more efficient today, run ‘on demand’ and reduce ancillary costs too (such as for ventilation and cooling apparatus).

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