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Tips for Buying a Commercial Elevator
Tips for Buying a Commercial Elevator
May 26, 2017

A commercial elevator is a dedicated service facility expected to deliver non-stop service to persons accessing your premises around the clock. As a dedicated facility, careful vetting is required to ensure that only the best elevator service in Toronto is acquired and installed. Additional post-installation considerations should also be taken into account during the initial stages of buying the elevator. Here is a comprehensive guideline to take into account when acquiring an elevator for your business.


Elevators are designed to handle varied number of customers, or specific load capacity at a time. For commercial premises, high load capacity elevators are recommended. It is also important to take into account the expected traffic flow of persons accessing your premises before buying the elevator.


Different elevator service in Toronto companies offer different systems, each with a different price tag. Your preferred elevator should be affordable and squarely fitting within your budget.

Operational Speed

Elevators operate at different speeds. For example, one elevator can take 2 minutes to get to the 10th floor of a building, while another elevator can take under a minute to cover the same distance. Such considerations of speed should be taken to account while allowing for marginal errors in elevator performance.

Maintenance cost

The cost of running and maintaining an elevator is a quotient of many factors, among them power consumption and cost of general maintenance. When kept low, these factors yield a low cost of operation. A good commercial elevator should have a low maintenance cost without compromising on the operational speed.

Availability of spares

Like any other machine, an elevator is prone to breaking down, and consequently requiring regular replacement of any broken parts.

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