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How to Hire the Right Elevator Consultant
How to Hire the Right Elevator Consultant
May 10, 2017

Choosing the right elevator consultant for your elevator business is difficult. A consultant’s role is to provide relevant, timely and actionable information to your business. In Toronto, elevator consultants can reliably offer you best practice in keeping your elevators functional for longer. Here are some tips to know the right elevator consultant for your business.

Look at certification

Canadian Law requires practitioners in the elevator business to be certified. Somecompanies prefer different local and international certifications, so watch out for the availability of the right certification as a core requisite to getting a reliable elevator consultancy service.

Look for experience

Experienced elevator mechanics and technicians are likely to yield more reliable elevator consultants. In Toronto, elevator consultants should have experience dealing with elevators that have broken down, or are likely to break down. The more experienced a consultant, the more likely to you are to get the most value for your money.

Look for licensing

Proper licensing for elevator consultants in Toronto goes beyond having the certification. It specifies the niche areas a particular company is best suited to handle. Conventionally, a consultant can get licensing as a technician, and those with advanced experience and knowledge are licensed as elevator masters. Others are licensed as practicing mechanics.

Once you’ve hired the right elevator consultant, be sure to enforce the service contract agreement terms. At Trident Elevator Inc, our team of elevator masters are licensed practitioners in all areas of consultancy, making us a premier partner when it comes to elevator maintenance. We guarantee you exceptional results: contact us today to learn more about what we can offer you. As well, visit our website at Visit us today for the finest elevator consultancy services in Toronto and the GTA area.  


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You can count on the team at Trident Elevator - thank you for repairing my building's elevator!
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