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The Thorough Work of a Good Elevator Installer from Toronto
The Thorough Work of a Good Elevator Installer from Toronto
November 24, 2017

With the continuing development of high-rise buildings around the city of Toronto, the demand for elevators is also increasing. An elevator is one of the most important facilities in a multi-story building. It provides irreplaceable convenience to visitors, and makes transporting objects vertically a simple operation. Considering how much more difficult a building’s daily operations would be without them, elevator installers in Toronto have important jobs that go beyond physical installation.  


An Elevator installer from Toronto is responsible for…


Assessing and Approving the Designs

Safety is the topmost consideration in designing an elevator system. It is crucial that the installer must consult with the intended design beforehand and ensure that it will properly match with the available architecture. This is to ensure that the construction of the elevator and its system will meet the building standards and safety requirements.


Managing the Wiring

Beyond the design and physical elevator, ensuring that the wires and circuits are all compatible with both the existing systems and the new elevator is of paramount importance. An elevator installer in the Toronto area will be working with buildings of varying ages, and therefore many different electrical setups that need to be accounted for during the installation process.


Hoistway Plumbing and Assessing

Before anything can be properly installed, the hoistway – the elevator shaft – has to be assessed, to gather accurate information concerning travel distance, the availability of fixing points, the dimensions of the shaft, as well as the state of its plumbing, which may need to be updated or modified to accommodate the new use for the passage.


All these tasks must be performed properly to secure an effective lift system that lasts. With our more than five decades of experience, Trident Elevator have gained all the expertise and skills to provide efficient installation services. When you hire an elevator installer in the Toronto region, you can choose our services to gain access to a technician that always follows standard safety guidelines and understands the best practices for your design. Our technicians do not just provide excellent installations, but are also committed to performing maintenance and repair services with the highest quality results.

Thanks for all your hard work at my office!
Posted by: Neil R. | February 15, 2018, 4:08 pm
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