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Elevator Installation Specifics and Requirements
Elevator Installation Specifics and Requirements
June 27, 2016

If you go around Toronto, you will see a continuous construction of high rises. In a city that started to shift its focus towards building upward, the demand for an elevator installer in Toronto is on the rise. The task of an elevator installer in Toronto does not end with the installation; these professionals are typically the same ones offering maintenance and upgrades.

You may be aware of the elevator you use in every building in Toronto but do you know the specific functions that an elevator installer or technician does? An elevator technician is tasked with different jobs that concern the elevator system: the initial installation of the equipment, the preventive maintenance conducted regularly, not to mention the repair services needed anytime of the day whenever the elevator encounters some technical problem.

Elevator technicians are not limited to elevators – their skills and knowledge is also transferable to other systems like escalators. The characteristic of good elevator technicians must not only be good in handling the systems but they must also ensure that the equipment is working efficiently, properly and safely according to standards. This is easily done if they have the proper knowledge and training after being under an apprenticeship program under skilled mentors for a number of years.

A good elevator installer in Toronto must have enough knowledge on how to handle power and hand tools needed for the installation. They must also have knowledge of electrical systems. For the installation, a technician will use long cabling systems to support the structure and run it through the elevator shaft. The wiring system must be placed in a strategic location to make sure they are away from moving parts before the side railings are attached in place. To make sure that the movement of the elevator system will be stable, the main motor should be installed properly.

One of the most important aspects of installing an elevator system is programming the microprocessor that controls the entire elevator system. It is the job of the elevator installer to know how to program the elevator to stop only on the designated floors without creating gaps between the cabin and the floor. There are certain parameters that must be encoded into the system to make sure that it has a default floor to go to in case of emergencies.

I've always been curious about this, thanks!
Posted by: Marina | November 14, 2016, 10:46 am
Is the same person who's installing will be maintaining the elevator?
Posted by: Kieran Pagnacic | July 16, 2016, 1:49 pm
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