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The Different Types of Elevators
The Different Types of Elevators
December 29, 2016

When looking for a professional Elevator Installer in Toronto or the GTA you not only need to find a company that has the skills for hoisting different types of elevators but also the years of experience behind it. The last few decades have seen massive developments in the elevator industry, resulting in a wide range of elevator types.

Geared and gearless elevators

It’s also referred to as traction elevators.  Geared elevators are driven by direct current and alternating current electric motors.  The movement of elevator cars is controlled by hoist ropes and rolling steels attached to a gearbox. They are mostly preferred for basement traction and they move at speeds of up to 500ft per minute. Gearless tractions on the other hand have a lower speed of about 400 ft. per minute. They have brakes installed to prevent the falling of elevators in case of power shortages.

Conventional elevators

Here, an underground hydraulic cylinder is used. The speed in this case is as low as 200ft per minute and is used in low level buildings of less than five floors (though this could change depending on your elevator installer in Toronto) They are not energy efficient and a lot of electricity is also consumed when starting the pump.

Climbing elevator

This is a self-propelling elevator which uses combustion energy or electricity.

So the next time you want to engage the services of an elevator installer in Toronto, be specific on what you want in terms of the hoist mechanisms. However Trident Elevator, a leading company in elevator solutions offers these and more services to clients. We ensure perfect installation of elevators which are easy to maintain and also cost effective. You don’t have to sweat it out to get quality, so call or visit us today for a chance to access the best of the available products on the market. With us, clients always come first.

Interesting, I never knew there were so many different types of elevators. I'm always fascinated when everyday things can pleasantly surprise you like this.
Posted by: Milly | March 23, 2017, 3:29 pm
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