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The Different Types of Elevator Operating Modes
The Different Types of Elevator Operating Modes
December 12, 2016

Most elevators are designed in a way that they support special safety features of operation. These will provide personalized services to clients who find them necessary. They include:

Anti-crime protection

Most elevator service Toronto ensures that the lifts stop at pre-determined places and open the doors to allow for security checks. These will ensure that the occupants are kept safe in the elevator car as visual inspection will ensure detection of any unusual thing aboard the elevator.

Fire elevator service Toronto

This is very essential and it’s divided into two phases. The elevator goes in to the first phase once the alarm is activated. It can be activated by smoke and heat sensors which trigger the alarms. Once this happens, the elevator will move to the fire recall floor and its doors will open to allow passengers to alight. After that, it will no longer respond to any calls to head to whichever other direction. Phase two is usually activated by a key switch. It’s a mode created for fire fighters rescue missions. The elevator at this stage is operated manually and has to be pushed in order to move or even open doors.

Medical emergency elevator service Toronto

This feature is mostly found in hospitals to recall the cars in case of an emergency. The nearest car is called back irrespective of the direction it’s headed to and then the passengers are informed to alight once the doors open. The elevator will then stop responding to any other calls unless it’s activated using a code key.

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