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Service Elevators in Toronto: Why They Fail and How to Stop Them
Service Elevators in Toronto: Why They Fail and How to Stop Them
July 18, 2017

Although at a lower magnitude and frequency, well serviced elevators are prone to mechanical failures. Hiring a professional company to service elevators in Toronto and the GTA is a great idea, but doesn’t protect you from 100% of failures. Here are some reasons why regular servicing of your elevators only reduces the frequency of breakdowns, but doesn’t grant them complete immunity.

Common Causes of Breakdowns in Serviced Elevators in Toronto


Frequent use and abuse of serviced elevators, especially in high traffic areas may lead to rapid overheating on the elevator’s internal systems. This leads to reduced service life and increased downtimes. The drive and control systems will at times overheat due to faulty connections on the wires interlinking the various elevator components. Companies that service elevators in Toronto that serve buildings with high traffic recommend the use of heat control substrates regularly to lower the chances of mechanical breakdown resulting from overheated components.

Low power input

Elevator drives and control systems require a substantial amount of power to operate. When the supply of power is low, these components cannot effectively operate as expected, leading to periodic breakdowns. For continuous uninterrupted rides, backup power is recommended to supplement the regular metered power supply. The power factor is a critical consideration that should always be plugged into the equation when thinking about elevator reliability.

Poor power quality

Electrical components fitted in most service elevator Toronto facilities are highly sensitive to power quality. Any irregular modifications to the voltage system or direction of the current flow can lead to massive damage to the elevators’ electronic systems, so poor sources of power should always be avoided.

Irregular sensor activation

Modern elevators are fitted with sensors that detect vibrations on the elevator. These sensors are often triggered without warning if they aren’t of the highest quality, or by external factors, leading to immediate stoppages. For example, kids jumping while in the elevator may cause a false alarm of sorts, and activation of the sensors leads to the elevator coming to a sudden stop. In such instances, the elevator is exposed to higher risk of being damaged.

While you should definitely regularly (and frequently) service your elevator in Toronto and the GTA, you must also accept that regardless of how well-maintained your elevators are, they can still fail. Servicing them significantly reduces the frequency and chances of such failures occurring.

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