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The Benefits of Consulting an Elevator Installer in Toronto
The Benefits of Consulting an Elevator Installer in Toronto
June 27, 2017

Individuals often acknowledge an elevator’s aesthetic appeal and disregard the installation work. Construction contractors are aware of the benefits of working with an elevator installer in Toronto. Installation expertise is crucial because elevators will be used to transport people and goods across building floors. Therefore, the installation must be done precisely, ensuring that all components are in place for proper functioning.

The general order of constructing and installing elevators is standard and has slight modifications for custom elevator types. The process usually begins with ordering the elevator and is followed by pouring the pit, making the door penetrations, machine room building, doing the electrical work, installing the fire line safety, exterior and interior building, and incorporating the final touches. Machine rooms are used to store the controller cabinet with the electric motor or the hydraulic pump. However, it should be noted, that not all elevators require a machine room. Some elevators, such as vacuum elevators have all their components fitted within the car and in the hoistway.

An elevator installer in Toronto must consider the following factors:

The building type, the environment of the building, the applications for the elevator, and the type of elevator system that requires installation before any work is done. The systems are categorized as either hydraulic, pneumatic, vacuum, traction, counterweight or electric. Vacuum elevators cannot be installed to handle large items. Hydraulic elevators are reliable, especially in areas prone to earthquakes. They are easy to use, but take a lot of time to install. Traction elevators are installed in high-rise buildings.

When evaluating an elevator system, the elevator installer in Toronto has to assess the elevator’s purpose. In order to ensure that your elevator system works effectively, you must consult and work with an expert installer. At Trident elevators, we can help lead your elevator installation process in the right direction, ensure exceptional customer service, and meet and exceed all of your expectations. 

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