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Safety precautions to help you avoid elevator maintenance
Safety precautions to help you avoid elevator maintenance
February 13, 2017

I find it quite intriguing to talk about safety precautions for elevators - probably because I’m worried that people are generally carefree and situations happen that could be easily avoided. While elevator maintenance in Toronto is such an important thing, safety starts with you so read this and get to know how you can ensure your safety while using elevators.

Do not overload

When you walk into an elevator that shows a “capacity reached” indicator, opt to waste some time and wait for another one instead of putting your health and life at risk. If the indicator is flashing, the elevator is strained and risks malfunction as each elevator has its maximum carrying capacity which should not be exceeded. So stay safe and wait for the next available one – most buildings are equipped with just enough elevators to minimize wait times.

Check fire stairwell locations before boarding an elevator

They say disasters don’t announce their coming so don’t take any chances. By knowing the layout of the building, you will be able to react accordingly in emergencies. So whether you are rushing to get to your house for a rest or even going for a business meeting, do not fail to adhere to this.

If you are a building owner in Toronto, you know that elevator maintenance should not be left in the hands of unskilled people. It’s always good to seek out services from professional operators like Trident. We are your number one partner in elevator maintenance in Toronto. We always check to ensure that your elevators are fit for use and running as per expectations. Having been in the industry for many years has given us a lot of advantage over our competitors in terms of experience.

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