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Choose the Right Elevator Mechanic in Toronto
Choose the Right Elevator Mechanic in Toronto
January 13, 2017


Keep your residents safe with the right elevator mechanic in Toronto



Elevator maintenance is very important particularly in high rise buildings otherwise, it will be next to impossible to reach the upper floors in spite of the presence of stairways. It would be detrimental to the tenants of the building if the elevator suddenly stops working due to the lack of preventive maintenance. Finding the right elevator mechanic in Toronto specializing in preventive maintenance is important, so that tenants will not be inconvenienced by an elevator that has stopped working.


Why is there a need for elevator maintenance?


Elevator maintenance is not just for the sake of convenience in a high rise building but for safety. The right elevator mechanic in Toronto ensures that the elevator is reliable and functions properly to minimize any breakdowns. An effective maintenance program must be implemented to maintain a high level of service that will increase the satisfaction of tenants. Specific requirements for elevator and escalator maintenance are provided through ASME A17.1/8.6.1 that must be strictly followed by the maintenance provider as written. Even if maintenance providers have developed a maintenance program, it remains important to comply with the requirements of ASME. Compliance with the requirements will ensure that risks associated with human errors are eliminated. It will also clarify the roles and responsibilities of maintenance personnel with regards to their tasks and procedures that have to be undertaken.


Importance of implementing a maintenance program


When an elevator mechanic in Toronto implements a maintenance program, it prevents problems from recurring on a continual basis and maintenance redundancy is avoided. Maintenance redundancy means the duplication of functions with the intention of enhancing reliability. In many instances, maintenance redundancy results into less reliability instead of the other way around. Elevator maintenance becomes more complex and it often leads to human negligence of responsibilities making the system less safe. With proper knowledge of maintenance tasks and procedures, elevator maintenance will reduce maintenance costs and allow for adequate maintenance to avoid emergency repairs.

An elevator mechanic in Toronto and a maintenance program also outlines tasks from adjustments, callbacks, examinations, repairs, replacements and tests. Proper documentation will include all the required corrective actions that were made, date of service and description of the maintenance tasks provided. Maintaining records of elevator maintenance will show that routine inspections have been made as well as preventive maintenance as required to keep the elevator in good condition. Records will also show whether the maintenance personnel is diagnosing repeat problems. It will also help predict any future problems that may occur which will increase repair and replacements costs.

It is extremely important to implement a maintenance program to guarantee an accident-proof environment and eliminate unnecessary downtime. A maintenance program will also improve the life expectancy of the elevator because of increased equipment efficiency. Elevators are machines that can be unsafe without regular maintenance. Preventive maintenance is basically done on a regular basis regardless of whether the elevator is functioning properly or if it has broken down. To ensure that elevator maintenance is up to standard, it is critical to employ the services of competent and skilled elevator mechanic in Toronto. 

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