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How Elevator Consultants in Toronto Help You Increase Efficiency
How Elevator Consultants in Toronto Help You Increase Efficiency
July 27, 2018

According to estimates by Alliance to Save Energy, an American non-profit looking at ways to increase energy efficiency, elevators even when idle consume between 2 and 5 per cent of the total energy consumption of a building. That is a not insignificant number and one that can be tackled through a combination of new technologies, a redesign of the infrastructure and changing usage patterns.


Elevator consultants in Toronto can help realize significant savings in existing infrastructure.


Elevator consultants in Toronto have been at the forefront of pioneering elevator efficiency. Particularly in view of the increasing numbers of high rises in the city, elevator efficiency has an impact on the profitability of the building. And occupants look to gain too, what with the possibility of reduced maintenance needs and lowered electricity bills reflecting in small maintenance charges – a vital competitive advantage.


Elevator efficiency will come from a number of aspects, including software, aggressive energy saving techniques for in-cab fittings, smarter elevator batching algorithms, energy-efficient and -regenerative hardware. Which of these are best or implementable in your application is something elevator consultants in Toronto can guide you on.


We look at a few energy saving measures that are in use today and can help you save costs. Of course, not every solution will be viable for every elevator application.


  • Double-decker cabs – Dual cabs, positioned one above the other are quite a common feature in high rise buildings which need to be able to support a high occupancy rate. elevator consultants in Toronto can assess the performance and efficiency benefits that you can gain from this. Making the most of this technology requires a rethink not only of the elevators but the building plan as well.
  • Data gathering – This is one is imperative if you seek to make vast gains in efficient elevator design. Elevator consultants in Toronto will configure a series of sensors to monitor elevator usage, performance, passenger loads and a whole host of other factors to determine use patterns. These go a long way in giving insight into how elevators are being used and what the prime energy-saving spots are. Machine learning and even limited intelligent software implementations have the potential to yielded significant energy savings.
  • Regenerating hardware – This is one technology that has elevator consultants in Toronto very excited indeed. Elevator motors, virtually all of them, are one-way power users. Energy can be transferred to raise or lower the elevator cab, but it cannot flow back. With new elevator motors, the motor performs its lifting functions as normal; but it can act as a motor-generator when the elevator is moving downwards, transferring energy back into the building’s electrical supply.
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