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Elevator Repair In Toronto: Three Common Elevator Repair Problems To Watch Out For
Elevator Repair In Toronto: Three Common Elevator Repair Problems To Watch Out For
July 13, 2018

Just like any other machine-driven equipment, elevators, no matter how robust they are, also require proper maintenance. This is essential to prevent breakdowns and safeguard passengers’ safety at all times. Elevators are also very complex machines that need to be checked for normal wear and tear and lubrication. Paying careful attention to the common issues that will eventually need elevator repair in Toronto can also avoid inconveniencing passengers.


Here are three common elevator problems that should tell you that you need an elevator repair in Toronto.


Doors Not Opening or Closing Properly

Elevator installers and technicians all agree that most problems are caused by the doors which can become inflexible with age. Once they fail to open and close properly, replacing the hardware is the best solution. These include door operators, tracks, levers, and hangers.


Long Waiting Times

You can attest as to how inconvenient it is to wait for long period of time to get to the floor of your destination. This long wait time can be an indication of a more serious elevator repair in Toronto. This is the reason why regular checkups of the speed and wait times is necessary. Long wait times and slow performance can also be due to age. In case your elevator system is using an old or outdated mechanical relay control, a system upgrade might be needed to reduce average wait times.


Power Quality Problem

Changing the voltage system of the entire building may interfere with the function of the elevator and can even cause damage. A history of power or electrical failure can compromise the efficiency of the elevator. An older elevator system may also be the main culprit of power issues that calls for an expert of elevator repair in Toronto.


These common elevator problems can be prevented if proper maintenance is in place. A routine inspection every six months to check for any potential problems should be done. In case there are significant changes indicating any issues, our professionals at Trident Elevator can help you out when you require an elevator repair in Toronto!

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