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Elevator Consultants in Toronto to Assess the State of Your Elevators
Elevator Consultants in Toronto to Assess the State of Your Elevators
June 28, 2018

Elevator consultants in Toronto are in regular demand in the city not only because of the vast number of multistorey buildings but because building managers are always on the lookout for any faults or inconveniences that can hurt rental values or property prices in their building.


Although elevator consultants in Toronto are commonly understood to be called when the property is considering upgrading its elevator, regular visits by consultants are essential for making sure the elevator is in good condition and not facing imminent mechanical breakdown.


We look at some aspects of an elevator that elevator consultants in Toronto will check for their performance, passenger convenience and safety:


  • Lighting – Seems almost an after-thought but lighting in an elevator is an extremely important part of the elevator. It must be sufficient for passengers to be comfortable using the elevator controls, and not such that persons with medical conditions are either affected by it or are unable to find their way. Moreover, the back-up lighting system needs to be checked to make sure it too is functioning as expected.


  • Smoke detectors – Not letting your elevators becoming refuge for smokers and risking the health and safety of others, and posing a serious fire hazard, smoke detectors are a critical safety feature that elevator consultants in Toronto will check for or advise installing. Any fire or smoke in the elevator shaft must be captured at the earliest, rather than wait for it to spread into corridors.


  • Motors – The motors bear the bulk of the strain of the operation of elevators. Particularly in times of peak demand, motors generate a great deal of heat in their operation and must be checked regularly. Elevator consultants in Toronto can check your motor and give it a clean bill of health; alternatively they may suggest a change that better fits the usage patterns.


Trident Elevators has been in the elevator installation, maintenance and repair business for over 50 years. We are a highly regarded team, both for our professionalism, our responsive services and our experienced team. And it is an experienced team that you want when you call for elevator consultants in Toronto. We are well-versed with the safety codes and requirements. Moreover, we are empaneled with a number of industry bodies and associations and are absolutely up-to-date with elevator best practices.

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