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Call An Elevator Technician in Toronto To Meet The Newest Performance Based Safety Codes
Call An Elevator Technician in Toronto To Meet The Newest Performance Based Safety Codes
May 30, 2018

While there are great new innovations in elevator technology, building owners are not always able to adopt them promptly because of restrictions imposed on elevator operation by safety regulations, particularly safety codes for elevators and escalators. Thankfully, the Performance-Based Safety Code has made it possible for elevator designers to be at par with the latest elevator technology while still meeting the safety requirements. Usually, an elevator technician in Toronto is called in due to some mechanical failures. However, given how important adequate function of elevators and escalators is to safety of a building’s occupants, laws should be strict and be strictly adhered to.


Rather than waiting till there is a mechanical malady to call an elevator technician in Toronto, it is easier and cheaper to get your elevator serviced regularly.


Fortunately, the PBC allow flexibility in terms adopting new elevator designs while meeting global essential safety requirements. The new code addresses the following critical points.


  • Safety - review processes will be conducted to assess and verify how safe the new technology is. Also, new safety measures brought by more advanced elevator technology will further increase the safety of the lift. These features include laser sensors, advanced speed governors, and more sophisticated braking systems. Make sure to get an elevator technician in Toronto to check all of these elements regularly.


  • Reliability - a modernized elevator system is more reliable, offering offsite monitoring. This means any problem can be readily identified and fixed. As such, building owners or managers will spend less expense in repairing elevator failures and minimal need to ask the help from an elevator technician in Toronto.


  • Energy efficiency - high-tech elevator systems uses more advanced motors, control software, drives, and lighter materials. All these are more energy efficient, reducing power consumption by as much as 40%. However, an older system can be made to function as efficiently as its design allows. An elevator technician in Toronto can keep your elevator function optimally.


  • Capacity and speed - the current safety code requires elevator designers to use specified driving machines, control devices and building materials. Whereas PBC allows elevator manufacturers to use advanced features such as computerized control devices, revolutionary drive designs and composite materials. They result to a faster, lighter elevator which can safely move more people in less time.


But for those times when your elevator encounters persistent problems, trust only the experts from Trident Elevator. Every elevator technician in Toronto we employ is highly skilled and knowledgeable to fix any issue your elevator is experiencing.

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