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What to Consider When Seeking Elevator Repair in Toronto
What to Consider When Seeking Elevator Repair in Toronto
August 16, 2016

Elevators play a critical role in easing the movement of people from one floor to another. They are also used in residential places and condos that have several floors. Any building with more than three floors ideally needs an elevator because stairs are slow and by far less comfortable.  You will require the services of elevator repair for Toronto when you are doing installations for new elevators or doing routine maintenance for existing buildings. Whatever the event, your contractor should not only understand your needs but also be an expert and fully trained professional when maintaining elevators, because of the possible health and safety issues that could arise.

Elevators come in several options, styles and with different technologies. You can choose between a hydraulic-roped machine and a traction run option. Hydraulic roped elevators have been around for much longer and are the ones installed in most of the Canadian buildings constructed before the 90s. The traction option can be equipped with gears or not. Depending on the manufacturer, all elevators have a recommended service life, after which routine maintenance should be undertaken. Your service provider for elevator repair in Toronto needs to have the required tools when performing these services, so that they don’t compromise its performance in the course of action

One of the most crucial factors to consider when looking for a service provider for elevator repair in Toronto is their genuineness. A licensed and insured provider like Trident Elevators guarantees genuine spare parts and robust repairs whenever you need us. As we work on your building, you will not be sued if anything happens because our insurance cover caters to all situations. We have exceeded and passed the local inspection tests that ensure that our technicians are fully qualified to safely install and repair elevators. We do everything in our power to prevent installation mistakes that can compromise the security of your elevators and the people using them.



Always hire the right people for elevator maintenance, it is NOT to be taken lightly. Safety first!
Posted by: Bob | November 14, 2016, 10:44 am
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