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Four Problems Your Elevator Mechanic Can Help You Fix
Four Problems Your Elevator Mechanic Can Help You Fix
January 15, 2018

Elevator maintenance and repair are essential when it comes to keeping your elevators functioning effectively and their passengers safe. The best way to make sure that this maintenance and repair are being carried out is by employing a certified and experience elevator mechanic. With the right diagnostic and troubleshooting skills, an elevator mechanic can help you make sure your Toronto elevator is an asset and not a liability, getting the best value for the time and money spent.

There is little as frustrating to customers and staff as an “Out of Service” sign on the elevator doors – whether it is for an hour, a week, or even a month.  This pales in comparison with the potential amount of business, however, that can be lost or compromised because of a malfunctioning elevator.

Your certified elevator mechanic can help you fix these four common elevator problems:

Screeching sounds

A well maintained elevator should have a silent ride up and down every floor in your building or facility: abnormal sounds like grating can signal an issue. These are primarily caused by poorly lubricated elevator belts or elevator doors not opening and closing normally. A licensed and experienced elevator mechanic can address this issue and pinpoint the reason for grating or any other noise.

Control buttons not working

Elevator control systems, to access different floors, can differ widely depending on the age and style of the building. The operation of its buttons, however, is an essential component. Over time, these buttons may get worn-down or have their labels drop off. The light behind the button may go out and even the underlying control system could have issues that prevent it from working. An elevator mechanic can repair or replace buttons or any part of the control that may be unresponsive.

Elevator phone breakdowns

Emergency elevator problems are an everyday occurrence in large cities and financial centers like Toronto, so a fully functional elevator phone is a key tool to resolve user problems. By having functional communication lines in your elevator, so the user can communicate in emergencies, you ensure not only a safer environment but eliminate a liability that may prove very costly.

Stalled elevators

When elevators go out of order, immediate service by a licensed elevator mechanic is the best way to ensure your Toronto business does not suffer financially. A mechanic can reduce the time spent on repairs while ensuring better service and a longer life-span for the elevator.

strongly recommend these guys, they know their stuff!
Posted by: Corbin | January 31, 2018, 1:21 pm
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